Return/Cancellation Policy


All purchased are final unless there is an error on OUR part in shipping or a good reason for the return. Returns may be arranged under certain circumstances and require prior approval. We are not a show and tell shop, so please order the product you want, not just the one you want to look at before making up your mind. We will try to assist you in making sound choices but our ability to keep our prices low is directly affected by how much inventory we carry. If we order a part in that you did not really mean to keep, it will ultimately force us to raise prices to cover uneeded inventory. Help us help YOU!

All returns or cancellations are subject to a 10% restocking fee unless we are exchanging the product for another, or unless we made a mistake in shipping. You are responsible for return shipping. We do NOT charge a restock fee if we are exchanging your incorrectly ordered product for the correct one. We do not charge a restock fee for damaged items being exchanged. Shipping damage must be immediately reported to the shipper (UPS or USPS) and to Sniper Country PX.

We are happily willing to special order many Firearms, Optics or Parts for our customers, but please understand that this means that if you cancel, we get stuck with the product. Please only order IF you intend to accept receipt of the product and also understand the rules pertaining to firearm transfers.

If you have not already done so, please read our FIREARMS SHIPPING policy BEFORE ordering a gun.

We hate restocking fees as much as you do. However we are not a large department store where you can use your new rifle scope for the hunt and then return it a month later, dusty and caked in deer blood while claiming its never been used. Yes, it's happened! And yes, this is why we now have a restocking fee under certain circumstances.

Primarily however, the restocking fee covers our costs to return the item to our distributor. You are responsible for all related shipping fees unless the return is due to damage during shipping or our mistake in shipping an incorrect product.

Notification of a return is required. Contact us at 610-323-6543.

Return Requests must be made within 3 Days of receipt of item. Items must be in Original Package and in an unused state.

Firearm Specific Returns


BEFORE filling out your transfer form and taking ownership of your firearm purchase, EXAMINE your purchase at the dealers! This is critical! Do not take transfer into your name, or possession of your firearm until you have fully examined it for defect or damage. We cannot accept returns of firearms once they have been signed over to you via transfer into your name. The reason behind this is that the distributors and manufacturers consider the firearm used once it has been transferred to the customer. The distributors will not exchange a new firearm for a damaged "used" firearm, even if you never shoot it. Their policy is that once a firearm has been transferred it is now used and all issues must go through the manufacturer's service representatives.

What this means to you is that you must carefully examine your firearm purchase BEFORE signing the 4473 at your receiving dealers shop. If there is an issue, REFUSE receipt and contact us. We can generally get a distributor to exchange a firearm if it has not been transferred to a private citizen. But once it has, via the 4473 or state transfer forms, no begging on our part will convince them to exchange it. Once transferred, it now becomes a manufacturer issue and must be rectified via the manufacturer's warranty or service process.


No warranty is made or implied for accuracy. If you shoot a firearm that is commonly known to be an excellent shooter, and it does not meet your expectations, please contact the manufacturer as we have no control or recourse where expectation is concerned. See Above. Once you have shot it, any issue becomes a warranty issue between you and the manufacturer. On this note, check your scope, your scope mounts and your action screws first before assuming an issue with the firearm. It is not uncommon for a customer to use a damaged scope, or incorrectly installed mounting system, who then blames the firearm before checking the optics for tracking and repeatability, or looseness in mounting. We can try to advise you, so by all means call us, but if you cannot resolve the issue using standard trouble shooting methods and MATCH ammo, you must contact the manufacturer for further assistance. As in all things accuracy related, Garbage in, Garbage out. So, for pure precision, don't waste your time judging a precision rifle using 20 year old Surplus Ball.

Returns Due to Shipping Damage

Items damaged during shipping will be replaced at no charge. You must report the damage immediately upon receipt of the damaged item. Report the damage to both the shipping company and to us. In the case of a firearm, refuse to accept the firearm at the dealers. Do not simply transfer it into your name. If you examine it and find shipping damage, refuse it and contact us immediately.

Warranty Issues

All Warranty issues are to be handled by the Manufacturer. We can provide you with the manufacturers customer service number if required.