WWII No.32 Scope Repair Service

WWII No.32 Scope Repair Service

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    Scope Repair Service – British No. 32 Sniper Scope

    No.32 Scope Mechanical Repair

    Repair Service is now offered for WWII and post war British and Canadian No.32 scopes, series Mk1, M2, M3 as well as L1A1. Sniper Country PX has arranged with a skilled and experience Armorer to bring your sticky or semi-function WWII era No.4 T Sniper Rifle scope, the No.32 sniper scope, back to life. If you've been holding off on repairs due to the fact that currently all scopes have to ship to England for repair, you need not wait any longer!


    An experienced, retired military Armorer will dissassemble, clean, repair and IF POSSIBLE, replace broken parts and return the scope to correct operational function. The basic service includes dissassembly and clearning as well a repair of typical issues found with this aging warrior. Addtional services will be offered for scopes requiring repair above and beyond Level 1.


    The scope will not need to leave North America. Turn around time can run up to three months as these scopes are hand fitted and sometimes take precise work. Turn around may be less depending on work load and parts availability.