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Remington Police & Military Rifles

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    Remington – M24 Rifle ONLY, .300WM


    M24 .300 WInchester Magnum - Rifle ONLY - Remington's M-24 Sniper Weapon System is the finest long-range system available today. It delivers multiple-shot capacity with match rifle accuracy at extended ranges. In addition to the M24's unsurpassed accuracy, it also offers reliability and durability under the harshest conditions of combat use and transportation. Designed for and used by the United States Military, the M24's popularity also stretches from SWAT teams nationwide to International Military and Government agencies. Based on Remington's legendary Model 700(tm) and 40X(tm) rifles, famous for their 'out of the box' accuracy, the M24 has quickly gained a reputation for precision among the sniper system community. An essential element in the M-24's accuracy is its heavy, hammer-forged, stainless steel, Rem-Tough powder-coated barrel. The barrel's unique 5-R rifling delivers combined advantages of reduced bullet deformation and metallic fouling, even pressure curves, higher bullet velocities and longer barrel accuracy life. Additionally, the M-24's aramid fiber - reinforced, fiberglass stock with an aluminum bedding block, provides exceptional strength and dimensional stability in all weather conditions. Combined with its sophisticated sighting options, the M-24's Sniper Weapon System remains the standard against which all sniper systems are compared.