Deployment Accessory Package

Deployment Accessory Package

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    Sniper Country PX – Deployment Accessory Package (KIT ONLY)

    Due to Continual requests, we now offer our Deployment Package  WITHOUT a Rifle and Scope. The kit offers a one stop shop for the majority of items one would have to purchase separately to assemble a complete deployment package. We cut the foam center pad for the accessories, cleaning rod, and cleaning kit, but we leave it uncut for the rifle/scope combination. You may choose to have us cut the foam for a rifle (see SKU: RDK-CUT) for an additional price. Finally, EMAIL us for kit pricing on Leupold brand scopes purchased with this kit. Savings can run from $50 up to several $100 dollars off. Package Includes the following in the base price:
    •     Leupold Mk4 Tactical Rings
    •     Leupold Mk4 20 MOA M1913 Mil-Std Rail base
    •     Harris Engineering S-series 6 - 9 inch Bipod
    •     OTIS 308-5 Sniper Rifle Cleaning System for 7.62mm
    •     Dewey Cleaning Rod & Jag
    •     Dewey Professional Brass Jag
    •     Sinclair Bore Guide
    •     65 inch pound T-wrench (1/4 inch Drive)
    •     5/32 inch Hex Driver
    •     1/2 Socket
    •     STORM IM3300 or Pelican 1750 Case w/Wheels
    •     Mil-Dot Master
    •     USTS Sniper Data book
    •     Data book Cover
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    Sniper Country PX – Cut Foam Out for Deployment Accessory Package

    Our complete deployment kits come with the foam cut out. However, if you are ordering a Deployment Accessory Kit alone, we leave you the choice to cut the foam out per your needs or we offer the service for $45.00 additional. The case liner will be cut for the rifle, the databook and cover, the cleaning rod, bipod (as mounted on rifle), and cleaning kit. ****As there is no way to determine accurate the scope cut for your individual scope without having your rifle and scope here, we leave this last part to you. Once you mount your scope you can trace it with the rifle in its proper cut and mark the foam liner for your individual optic/ring combo.